There’s Hope for My Story Yet!

So this past week I have not written anything. That’s right. Anything. Where was I? Mostly at home. What was I doing? Sitting in front of my computer trying to find that little inspiration for my stories, or even for my blog. I was being plagued with the inability to write a single sentence of creativity.

Extremely frustrating.

However, I have started something new this week. A good friend many times suggested that I exercise to release the stress I have. I am finally taking her advice and am going to the Langley gym.

After the first workout I felt so good and energetic, and felt that not only is the stress starting to lift, but also the exercise is pumping more blood into my brain and I feel as if soon I can return to my passion: writing.

Yes, I’m certain many people have suggested these things to me many times before. But at least I have finally taken the advice! πŸ™‚

Soon, I will be heading out again to meet a friend at the gym, and later today I am hoping that there will be a new spark of inspiration for my writing.

2 thoughts on “There’s Hope for My Story Yet!

  1. Good for you – and your friend! You’ve been through a lot this past year and then some! πŸ™‚ Experiences in life lend easily to creative writing…your task is to turn them into fiction. Haha…but remember, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction…mwa a a a a… πŸ˜› Not sure what I am saying here anymore. Just be encouraged!

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