Are the doldrums over?

I am quite reluctant to tell everybody that the last week and a half I haven’t written a thing. Not one good word was put to paper, or not one word was typed. Mostly, it was because I had no new idea, or any motivation to work on anything. A few times I had tried to write a new post, but after a few paragraphs I deleted it. I felt that my writing was trash.

Today is another gorgeous day. The weather is amazing right now here in Hampton, Virginia. I love it. I have the windows open and there’s a cool, but not at all cold, breeze coming through. It’s absolutely a pleasant morning.

Already my thinking is starting to change. With the weather feeling like Spring, my favorite season, I also feel like I can start afresh.

The winter in my heart and mind needs to give way to spring.

Writers are risk-takers. They have fresh ideas that always run the risk of being trampled on. And in fact, there’s always someone out there who doesn’t like your work, or even you. Writers are brave, then. They have courage to write every day, knowing that it’s never certain whether or not anyone else will like their work.

Some may think that they waste their time, others say that it’s a wonderful hobby. Thank God that there are those who understand that a writer’s work is just as hard and as exhausting as any other tough job.

Writers are adventurous. They step out of their comfort zone when it’s time to send in that first manuscript. They experience and endure the joys and sorrows of their “darlings” being accepted or rejected.

Writers are competitive. Writers are full of emotion. Writers are dangerous.

I want to be worthy of being called a writer. So even if I’m struggling, I should do what one always must do in times of trouble – keep pushing through.

Alright, so enough of the preaching and get to work!!

One thought on “Are the doldrums over?

  1. Haha…I love how you ‘preach’ to yourself! πŸ˜€

    I also enjoyed how you described what a writer’s work is and what a writer does! Like – ‘risk taker’, ‘brave’, ‘adventurous’,…’full of emotion’. It is work. Even though I am not a novel writer like you, (I’m a blogger), it is exhausting sometimes to get the flow of words to behave themselves in some sort of cohesive assemblage as they spill onto the page!
    How many times have I walked away from my writing, came back and said, “Yuck!”? Surprisingly, it can take days for me to get out onto the page what can finally be deemed satisfactory to publish the post. Much kudos to you for the grand challenge of writing a novel!!

    May the spring breezes blow bringing flight to your ‘darlings’! πŸ™‚

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