Clean House = Writing

I am happy to announce that finally, after weeks of being unable to write in the novel I have worked on for years, I have edited two paragraphs and added a few more! To some this may sound small and a bit unworthy to celebrate over, but to me this is a great accomplishment!

And the trick is – yup, a clean house means freedom to write.

I spent Saturday cleaning the house for company on Sunday. Sunday night I talked with my husband about how I am so frustrated with being unable to write. I honestly thought, that with today being busy, I would have no time to sit down and write. But I did.

This morning was volunteering in the NICU, so right there I was tired from getting up earlier than my body likes. Afterward, I went straight to lunch with a friend and then on a walk in the warm, fresh air. I figured that I’d spend my few hours before heading out to a potluck sitting lazily with my computer doing Facebook and other such time-consuming nonsense.


I checked up on Facebook, put in my earbuds so I could focus (my husband is working on some things for work), and pulled up my novel on the computer.

And the rest is history. With a clean house my mind was able to focus on what was close to my heart – my writing.

Oh, I’d like to add… I’m rather impressed at my work this afternoon. I think I captured a whole land and people very well in a few paragraphs. 🙂

One thought on “Clean House = Writing

  1. yeahhhhhhhhh!! to you! Glad you got some writing done. I agree that a clean house is rather freeing…so with that being said (two boys, whom are messy) I am never free, but absolutely happy with my life!! Happy writing miss Camille!

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