College Planning

Here is something that I have been so excited about lately. Going to college. My husband and I have discussed this for some time now and we have taken the first steps for me to begin.

First, Adam needed to extend his enlistment by at least a year. Secondly, we needed to begin the paperwork for transferring the GI Bill benefits to me. Adam has started this process, and this week I will be researching more heavily on which college to go to for my degree, as well as learn what it is I need to do to help transfer those benefits.

In the beginning, when Adam and I were first talking about this, I was unsure where to go and what it was I wanted to get a degree for. There were some options in front of me that spoke to my heart for children, but I was never sold on the idea.

But then it came to me.

I researched the authors whom I look up to and model my writing after, and discovered something pretty exciting. The author I look up to the most, J.R.R. Tolkien, studied English Language and Literature. This made me see that I could study more of what I wanted and that it would greatly benefit my writing. Thinking things over and over, it has become clear to me that if my desire is to be a novelist, then I should focus my studies on areas that would increase my knowledge and tone my skills.

After further discussion with my husband, I decided that instead of only going for an associates, I should work for a Bachelor’s. I decided that I would major in English, but beyond that I was still struggling. English was such a broad subject. I wanted more of a focus on the studies that would really help my writing.

I did some research and I found that at one college I could get a B.A. in English, concentration on Literature. This sent me through the roof! Just through the study of literature I could learn so much for my writing. I would do what every writer ought to do: read, read, READ!

Then, there is the present discussion on electives versus a minor. With my electives, I could study in random classes that either simply interests me, or that would assist my writing. On the other hand, I love history. I could minor in history and glean so much experience from life itself through the telling of time, which would benefit my writing even more!

That is where I am struggling now. Should I have a minor, or should I give myself more freedom and enjoy random studies?

Either way, I am so excited about this next stage in my life. College will give me the proper structure to learn and study, as well as provide enough flexibility that life will require in the future.

And I don’t have to finish in four years. I can take my time, because my goal is to enhance my writing skills, not study for a career. I do see how, long into the future, this will help me with a career if need be, but I do not need one yet. So, I can take my time and study, be a wife, eventually be a mom in the future, and take care of my house.

I am nervous, but I also know that this is what God wants for me. And I am so excited!

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