Volunteer Newsletter

Tonight will be a short post. It’s already late and tomorrow promises to be a full day.

A few weeks ago I offered to help create and write a newsletter for the volunteers, working with another volunteer lady. We met with our volunteer manager on Tuesday, and I will say that I have my work cut out for me!

We’re trying to get a newsletter ready for a July issue, so we have few days left before our June 15th deadline. At first, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. However, now that I have a better idea of what is expected, I feel quite up to the challenge.

Tonight I was working on a format in Openoffice. Not being Microsoft word, it’s proving a little more difficult to control my pages. But I do enjoy learning how to work with it.

Soon I will have to start working on articles for the newsletter. That is a bit scary. First thought that came to me, “I’m a fiction writer!!” So we’ll see how this goes. It will be good experience and practice for me, though. With college in my future, I’m certain I’ll have to write more than fiction!

I hope to be updating you all again, and sorry that this is short and not very detailed. Next time!

One thought on “Volunteer Newsletter

  1. You’re right, it will be good experience and practice. I like the fact that you are stretching yourself, not only with your volunteering, but with college as well.
    Stay cool and enjoy the journey! 🙂

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