Ok, another short one today.

So here I am, sitting on our comfy couch with my feet up. I’m feeling a cool breeze from the ceiling fan after just filling up on some Sci-Fi episodes. My ears are plugged into my music on my computer and I’m ready to write. Or work. Or should I write?

The newsletter needs to be worked on again. I haven’t touched it since Wednesday night. It’s fun to work with, and it does need to get done.

But I wrote four pages worth of a story yesterday while I answered the phone while volunteering in Risk Management. I dipped into one of my newest stories and now I really want to write.

Yet, I have a deadline and we are only at the formatting stage of the newsletter. I really should work on it.

Oh, but speaking of deadlines, I wanted to fix up my latest ended story from my NaNoWriMo frenzy last November. If I can get it fixed up by June 30th I can get a free proof copy of my novel from CreateSpace. Definitely something I want to take advantage of. I mean, why not?

*sigh* So what did I end up doing?


Yes, I cheated. I opened up WordPress and decided to write about my dilemma instead of actually deciding what I should do. Eh, once I post this and check facebook – and then my email – I will work on the newsletter.

But not all day!

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