2012 semester

The first day of the second semester went well. I was pretty nervous getting ready to go yesterday morning but within the first five minutes of class I was reminded just how much I love college. Today starts my other two classes. So far I’m looking forward to it.

The four classes that I am taking bring me to 13 credits for this semester. My last developmental math is 5, so it pushes those credit hours up.

Every Monday and Wednesday I have a nutrition class at 8am, and then I have 10 minutes to cross two parking lots, a road, and another parking lot, to my developmental math at 9. Yesterday I found that I can briskly walk that in 5 minutes. Every Tuesday and Thursday I have English 112 at 8, and then Public Speaking at 9:30. Not looking forward to the public speaking very much, but I’ve been told that it’s not that bad as long as I have fun with it.

All my classes are full 16 week classes. I found out that an 8 week course in psychology is murder. I don’t think it’s necessary to do that again.

I’m already thinking about taking a class or two over the summer. There really is no need to take a few months off. My plan is to get my math out of my way as quickly as possible.

So far this semester looks a tad daunting but I am confident. Everything seems to be at a good pace. It’s up to me to keep caught up!

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