An excerpt from NaNo 2011…

Here’s a bit that I edited tonight. Still not finished, but I fixed it up quite a bit from what I had previously written for this part. (The format is the best I could do right now.)

A little background… Telyse is the first daughter of the king. She is my second female lead for this story. Kayce is her younger sister, a woman with a unique and mysterious ability. A scourge had swept over the land, killing the harvest and the livestock. This plague had then began to affect the people. There is suspicion that it could be a curse instead of a natural disaster.

And so, the excerpt….

Telyse made her way to the tallest tower, which was separate from the Keep. When she had climbed the winding staircase to the top, she knocked on the heavy wooden door. It creaked opened and before her stood the king’s advisor — an old man who was better known for his magic than for his advice.

“Lady Telyse,” he said. His grey eyes squinted at her. “What brings you here to my dark tower?”

Telyse stiffened and held her head high. “I need you to tell me something, Arion.”
The old man blinked. “Oh?”

Without being invited in, she walked into his observatory and glanced around. One quarter of the roof was pure, rounded glass — though shaded. Scrolls, books, powders, and liquids were all surrounded by tall candles giving off a dubious light. In the center of the room was a large table with an open scroll. Set to one side were bottles of dark gray powder and a feathered quill.

“What power does my sister have?” Telyse asked, eyeing the bottles and quill.
Arion left the door open and returned to his large table. He bent over the scroll and carefully studied the black lines. “You know well that it is not meant for any of the gifted to learn of their power before the proper time?”


“And yet you ask me to reveal this to you?”

Telyse turned her back to him. She felt irritated. “Do you see what has happened to our land?” she asked. “Do you ever see what happens beneath your lair? Look outside, Arion, and tell me if you do not see death and destruction.”

“I see it.” Arion did not look out, but gave Telyse his full attention.

“Yet you remain huddled in your observatory, away from Father’s counsel. What have you to say to all this?”

“Do you think I had a hand in this?” he asked incredulously. He waved his short arm towards the window. “I tell you, my lady, that is a harsh claim.”

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