New book to read!

My husband and I, after church, headed over to Barnes & Noble for some “browsing”. I had a book in mind to buy today and thankfully it was only $7.99. Very good indeed. But, I can’t read it until I have finished my other books.

One, Waymaker by Michael Warden, that I am doing pretty well in. It’s a sequel to a book I had read back in 2007 — I was left on a cliff-hanger for five years. Waymaker is a pretty good book. It’s Christian medieval fantasy, and it’s fairly well done. The only thing I have noticed and am getting slightly frustrated about is that I have found multiple errors in the editing process.

The second book that I started, A Stitch In Time, is a Star Trek novel. After Adam and I finished Deep Space Nine he suggested that I read the novel based on Garak’s story. I have barely scratched this book’s surface, and I want to finish it, but I am continually being distracted from reading it. Mostly due to homework.

I have started many others, but Waymaker and A Stitch In Time are the only ones sitting by my bedside or on the couch waiting to be finished.

Now, the book I bought today is, yes, the first book to a series of twelve. After watching the two seasons of Legend of the Seeker, I decided that I wanted to read the books to see how these well-developed characters were originally written. I am excited to start — but I first need to finish my two other books. Or maybe at least one.

There is some uncertainty, though, to Legend of the Seeker. It is another medieval fantasy, and I am looking forward to learning more in my craft. However, I know that it will be full of some questionable scenes and content. Narnia was mild magic and fantasy, and Lord of the Rings was focused more on character and plot than the depths of magic, or even romance. (There is romance in Lord of the Rings — you just need to look for it.)

Due to watching Legend of the Seeker first, I know what I can expect in the books. I prefer to keep what I read clean and good, and I recognize that this is a really good story. There are elements that I look forward to reading and learning how it was written. How did Terry Goodkind, the author, create such in depth characters? How was he able to imagine a brand new world and describe it? My interest in reading the book is for research purposes as well as entertainment. But since I have already watched two seasons (the first two books) I can focus more on technique and style.

But first, Waymaker must be finished….

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