Welcome to February, everybody! I, for one, cannot believe that 2012 is moving along so smoothly. College is little hectic, but the writing life IS the life!

I’m tucked away at Aroma’s right now, hanging out in the comfy chairs listening to some good music (attached below is a photo). Maybe later I’ll post another excerpt, but we’ll see how the night goes. As of right now, I have too many ideas running through my mind and I need to make sure that I get them out before I lose them.

One of those ideas is an epiphany I had this afternoon. For years I have been puzzling over this simple idea I had created. Yet, how did it all work?

Well, first of all, this idea is part of my series, Keepers of the Golden Key (we’ll see about that title…), and the concept is addressed more in the second book. The people I focus on the most are descendants of an immortal people. The immortals are, in a sense, stuck in the boundaries of their land. Few venture out, and even fewer venture in. There was a curse and a blessing and all that jazz, but that will be for the stories taking place earlier in the generations.

This particular epiphany involves the connection between mortal descendants of immortal people. How does that work? I wonder.

It then suddenly dawned on me that the barriers between the land of the immortal and the moral, could simply be just what they are. Barriers. If someone steps outside these protective barriers, they become mortals. If one, who has a strong bloodline from the immortal, steps through the barrier — and survives — then they become immortal. Simple!


(By the way, this idea and concept is copyrighted by yours truly — me.)

Yes, seven years after first playing with the ideas of mortals and immortals, I had finally discovered the very simple answer to my dilemma. And sometimes I wonder what other forests I’m missing for the trees?

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