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Every writer subjects him/herself to the opinion of others as soon as they have a published work. Lately, for my English class, I have been responding to online articles. One article was a response to a writer who was unintelligent in his rant. I may just post some of my responses in the future, but for now, I want to cover a fiction book I am reading.

I have talked about this book before: Waymaker by Michael Warden. I was completely enthralled in his first book of the series, Gideon’s Dawn. It was captivating, well written, and had marvelous descriptions of the fantastical place that put a lot of contemporary writing to shame. It left me with a cliff-hanger, and then for the next five years I waited, somewhat impatiently, for the sequel to be released.

And now I am halfway through the book. I am disappointed.

First of all, I noticed that words were missing in the text. Not just one or two throughout the whole book, but at least one mistake every chapter, sometimes too many to count. Words were missing, or replaced by words that made no sense to the text. I kept wondering, Whatever happened to the editor??

OK, I can get over the missing words. I know what he was trying to say, and I have been looking forward to this book for a long time. Maybe this was just a really bad print. But then I started to grow weary of the storyline and the plot. If there is a plot yet.

I am halfway through the book, and I cannot see where this book is taking me. I just spent chapters in a place with no meaning to the story. I then notice that the writing is poor as well. Warden didn’t build the tension like he had in his first book. Action came out of nowhere. Heartfelt confession suddenly descended upon the main character without any warning. And the transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and scenes were choppy.

I am left with one thought. Did Michael Warden lose his passion to write? From what I have read in the first half, it looks like he had. It is definitely not as good as his first book, and I worry what he could be writing for the third.

Naturally, I’m going to finish the book. I still hope that the author will wake up and end the story with a bang (a somewhat expected bang), and I will be left satisfied. But so far, I do not see that happening.

Definitely have some lessons to learn from for my own writing!

2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. It is interesting to me how despite the apparent errors and choppy writing you continue to read the book. With the book having so many writing errors from the get go, it would have frustrated me enough that I would have trashed it long ago.

    Knowing you are a writer I can imagine you ‘taking notes’ on this work, gleaning tidbits of do’s and don’ts as you go along. 🙂 But it brings up a curious question for me – when is enough, enough? When would you say you are not going to spend any more time reading this (or any other work) when the quality has been compromised to this degree?

    I did a bit of research – this book is published by Lulu which is a self publishing company. Perhaps that can answer, “What happened to the editor??” ?

  2. You are right, it is a self-published book. I did not know it at first, but the errors were a clue.

    The reason why I am continuing to read the book is mainly because it’s a sequel, the first book was good, and I am hoping that the story will turnaround. I want to feel the writer’s passion come out from the book — yes, so far I haven’t sensed it, and that saddens me.

    I bought the book, too. I feel it’s my duty to read it and, in a sense, give respect to the writer. If there were blatant moral issues with the story, and in that sense loses it’s merit, then I would toss it. But Warden had captivated me with his first book — to me it’s only fair that I finish the story.

    Now, whether or not I buy the third book when it releases — well, that’s up to the ending of the sequel.

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