Good Ol’ Wednesday

Today will be a short one, for I plan on getting some writing done in my stories. Now that I am almost caught up in homework (right now I am only behind in Math), I can focus on my writing again. I have missed it so!

It truly is nice to be back at Aroma’s. Saturday I was up in the Williamsburg Aroma’s, and even though downtown colonial Williamsburg is amazing, it gets pretty loud. Since I was also fretting over my speech for Tuesday, suffice to say I barely even got a paragraph edited.

So now, I am sitting in the back of Newport News Aroma’s, in the comfy chairs, ready to get some writing done.

And as I’ve said on my Facebook page, this place is starting to feel like my workplace. And that’s totally alright with me!

Until next time — maybe tonight, if I can find a good excerpt. It all depends.

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