Excerpt: The Storm’s Blessing

After taking some time to edit the first chapter from Keepers of the Golden Key, The Storm’s Blessing, here is a sample to enjoy. I will provide zero background for this since these paragraphs are the very first to the book. For a reference, this falls under Lord Konstantine’s story.

Also, please ignore the names of the countries. Long story, but I did a poor job making them up when I was thirteen. I have not taken the time yet to change them.

Chapter 1

“The knight and his blind followers.”

Tharon stared coldly before him with his strong army lined up behind him. He believed this would be the final battle of the feud he had with Magadan’s favored First Knight, Lord Regan. As soon as Regan was dead he would be well on his way to becoming Magadan’s new ruler. It would all take time, but without a First Knight the neighboring country was helpless.

Tharon was named regent by the late king, who had met his untimely demise soon after the title was handed over. The late king was never able to sire on heir, so Tharon became sovereign. The advisers were on a search to find the next king for their country, but in the meantime Tharon was the sole ruler of the people.

Between the two armies was a luscious green glen; a perfect spot to end the war. From Tharon’s position he could see beyond the gathering Magadanesse army to the tallest tower of Yalistel, Magadan’s capital. Tharon’s eyes followed the tower to the North. The lush land extended toward the barely visible blue lined mountains of Adoleen. To the South were the flat swamplands of Magadan: crisp, yellow-green grass bending in the wind, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Tharon glanced at the wide open sky above him. It was cloudy and he could smell rain in the warm air. Behind him he could hear thunder rolling and smiled — he preferred wet swords instead of dry ones in any battle.

“My prince, Lord Regan alone approaches with a truce flag,” announced one of his captains.

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