Today is the start of finals week for college. *applause* Here’s a little rundown on my last week of Spring semester.

My nutrition teacher announced that the students who already had an A could skip the final. So, that means I don’t need to study like crazy this week and go in Monday for the exam. Woot! Also, after working real hard over the weekend with my math, I passed the final test yesterday. No more math until two weeks from now when Summer classes start. As for Public Speaking, there is a multiple guess test on Thursday. Now come on, how hard is multiple guess? English final is a little more complicated. Within the next few days I need to significantly edit two projects and gather everything up in a portfolio for my teacher on Friday. That is probably going to be the hardest part of finals.

Overall, this week is not as stressful as I thought it would be. Getting two classes out of my way already really helps.

Yet, as much as I need to get going on my English project, since I have finished two classes AND am feeling relatively good this morning, my house needs cleaning. Every Tuesday Adam and I host a Bible study, and I can certainly say that the house looks and feels like a disaster. So, no homework this morning! Going to utilize as much as my energy and feeling good moments to getting the house lookin’ pretty again.

Plus, there is a cake that needs to be made. Just because I want to eat cake today.

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