Start of Two Week Vacation

As you know, Spring semester is over. I’ve been out of classes for a few days now and I’m slowly adjusting to the “no homework” feeling I get to have for two weeks. Adam is home today and tomorrow — it’s been a long and crazy month or two so it’s time for a break. It really is good to have him home and either spend some time with him or just have him around. (Yes, I know. I’m spoiled.)

On Saturday, I was able to edit a full scene from my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel. Considering that I haven’t touched it in over a month, that is a huge accomplishment. In order to write well, and to be fully connected with your characters, you have to editing and writing every day. So, for me to be able to slip in without wasting too much time was a boost to my noveling confidence. Today I hope to get a little more in, but I also see that there is clutter in the house that needs help.

On a side note, I finally finished the book I’ve been complaining about. The Waymaker was disappointing in that not only did Michael Warden do a poor job in writing it — character developments, plot, progression, and tension — but also because suddenly he did a marvelous job with the last two chapters. I am now left wondering what happens next, and probably will suffer through the third book. But I am clearly disappointed that his first book was certainly a well done story, but the second book seemed like a totally different person wrote it.

Now that the busy semester is over and my school workload from now on will be significantly less, I will be able to focus on the house more. There’s the dining room and kitchen that needs to be painted, and the baby room to be organized and prepped. It’s nice now that I can begin to focus on the baby room. I can start planning colors again and figure out where things will go. The closet is a mess so I will need to clear that out and organize.

I certainly fear the day our baby is born, and here is my reason why. Baby names. Oh, it might be easy for some couples to find names they absolutely adore, and for others it may be difficult but they’re able to settle on something before or right at the time. For me, it should be easy. After all, I’m a writer, right? And that’s exactly the reason why I’m struggling. First of all, Adam does not put nearly as much importance on baby names as I do, so getting us to agree is no problem at all. Getting me to find names that I love and that I can’t imagine in a story is hard. I have a girl’s name in mind, but only one. A boy’s name, though, is extremely difficult for me. We were given a baby name book with over 100,000 names in it, and I swear there were so many weird ones! How does one sift through so many!

I know that eventually the right name will come, and that I’m only in the first trimester still. I just get a little worried that the writer’s brain will reject the good names and I’ll be left with simple, familiar ones. But, is that really a problem?

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