Baby Ross Update

It has been about five weeks since finding out that we’re expecting. For me, it’s already been a wild ride. Hitting my mid fifth week brought on the lovely morning sickness that I was not prepared for. After struggling for a week trying to find the best way to combat the sickness, I settled into drinking lots of water and eating what little bit I could. Ginger Ale is officially off my menu. It helped the first few days but it almost seemed like my body grew immune to it.

After a few more weeks, the nausea slipped into normal queasiness. For the most part, I have it under control. The best part is that now that I’m in my tenth week, surprisingly the sickness part is slowly letting up. My body probably adjusted to the changes in hormones. I still get bouts with extra queasiness, but overall it has not been as much or as unpredictable.

The emotional part of pregnancy started about a week to two weeks ago. Anything can trigger the compulsion to cry. I won’t even get into how many TV shows I’ve watched that I shed a tear over, nor how many songs suddenly decide to evoke those sad feelings. I’ve given up trying to dig deep into why I would react and am leaving it to being pregnant.

This past weekend and especially yesterday and today, I feel like I’m carrying around extra weight, all concentrated in one spot: where the baby is. Last Wednesday I realized with a laugh that I was walking with my back slightly tilted back, balancing the extra weight. I honestly didn’t expect to feel that change so soon. I can tell I’m starting to show, but no one else can really tell. So, now when I’m tired and fatigued, it’s not just because I’m growing a baby and it takes energy, but I’m doing things a bit differently to keep a good balance. In some ways I feel a bit ridiculous that I’m closer to the waddling pregnant woman stage.

Last week I had my first OB appointment. Baby’s heartbeat was going at 150 beats and was moving around. We were able to see the little fingers and toes, as well as the little heart thumping away. What a truly miraculous moment for me. I couldn’t decide to laugh or cry. I keep telling Adam that our baby is just too cute, though he/she was only 2.94 cm at the time. Another good thing about the appointment was getting a more exact due date, December 6. Yeah, I know, baby will come when he/she so desires. But at least the doctor and I are now in sync with our estimates.

I was told by my mom last night that my oldest brother, Curtis, who has his birthday on the 7th of December, is requesting that I either have the baby on the 6th, or hold it in until the 8th. *ahem* I will see what I can do…..

So, that’s the update on me and baby. We’re doing good, though I know baby doesn’t realize he/she is making me feel extremely fat. I feel like my skin has bloated out a few inches (it doesn’t look that way, thank goodness!).

Until the next update…

2 thoughts on “Baby Ross Update

  1. HAHA, all so familiar. Atleast your morning sickness went away. Mine stuck around for 4 months and I required a trip to the ER for meds and fluids. You’re doing great little mama. Glad to see you blogging because you forget stuff really fast.

    • I didn’t realize until a few days ago that I hadn’t been keeping track of the changes going on. I probably should keep a pregnancy journal, in addition to the updates here. I’m finding out that you are right, it does go fast!

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