They Were Such Good Minions….

Everything was serious and solemn. The whole scene is somber — and heavy with it. And then this happened:

Telyse thought a moment, weighing the options. They all awaited her word. They were such good minions.

This, during a very serious moment in my latest NaNoWriMo novel, was what I read with a start. Needless to say, I withheld a burst of laughter. At first glance, my brain screamed at the horrible writing skills I owned, but then I remembered that it was during a writing period when I was skipping the descriptions and non-action parts of the story.

By reminding me of the hurrying and the frantic word count goals, I saw that my novel did indeed require major editing. What other sentences did I write in haste just to keep word count going? How many scenes did I mentally skip, but I have no recollection of skipping them? (Must have been all that caffeine I had last November.)

Not only will I be on the lookout for grammar and spelling errors, plot conflicts, and poorly or redundant sentences, but also those small cues where I decided to skip important sections for the sake of word count and immediate interest.

On a side note, today I edited a single scene. This scene was less than 2,000 words, so it wasn’t a great feat. Next Saturday, the goal is to finish two scenes. After all, editing requires constant familiarization with the material. It won’t do me any good to keep switching between stories every few weeks to a month.

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