Summer Semester

This last Monday I started on my 8 week class for the summer. It’s a bit crazy, but so far I have it under control. I honestly enjoy going to class — especially now that I have one class instead of four.

Basically, I’m taking College Algebra now that I’m finished taking the developmental maths. So far it’s all review, so it’s pretty straightforward for me. Once I get to the more complicated stuff, though, I’m sure I’ll struggle. But the key is to stay on track, and try to get ahead. Especially with an 8 week class.

My instructor is good. I am impressed with how well he grasps the simple things like SmartBoard, computers, and email. He utilizes every resource available to students these days, plus he knows what to do when Microsoft Publisher is “not responding”.

My fellow students consist of a variety of ages, which I enjoy. We all seem like we care that we’re there (although in every class there’s a few who don’t) and we’re nice. Some in my previous classes the students were so quiet it was as if we were all in a graveyard.

Well, that’s that. A quick update on what’s going on. I have a good amount of homework but I am on top of things. Even made dinner tonight!

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