Already Thinking Ahead

Baby Ross is due December 6th. That means he or she will be, according to many people, a Christmas baby. Since the baby is due so close to the season — and in this family, IN the season since we decorate Thanksgiving day — taking a trip to WI to see our extended families is not a good idea. I am sad that I can’t show off my baby to everyone right away, but May is my brother’s wedding, so I will be up then with an older babe. I am also sad for quite a different reason.

I want my baby to be baptized into a proper first Winter by having snow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Baby won’t see it, so who cares? I care! It’s a very sad thing to think that my baby won’t be experiencing snowfall for his or her’s first winter.

Remember, Virginians, two years ago we had over ten inches of snow the day after Christmas? That’s what I want this year! Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow, and baby born in the winter without any snow is just so sad.

So, in the event that there is no snow, if someone has a snow maker, come to our house and fill our yard with snow. I would be so happy and grateful!

Otherwise, I will just have to accept it.

Enough of being vain. I know that just having this baby is a blessing and a miracle, and I know the true meaning of Christmas. I am grateful for it all.

But having snow would be a wonderful addition to the joy….

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