Pre 15-week Update

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I’ve been busy with homework. Each week seems to be an unending increase in homework amount. I really shouldn’t be writing right now, since I have three sections to go through and a test review before Monday, which is test day, and my parents are arriving tonight for the weekend. But right now is a good time to write, and I’ll explain why in a minute, but first I need to take a paragraph on a little incident this morning.

When my husband headed out to work this morning, he came back to let me know that someone did a hit and run on my car last night. The pictures are seen below. So, basically, we’ve had to deal with that this morning. I told Adam this afternoon that after yesterday and today almost getting hit by cars as I was driving around town, my car gets hit in the middle of the night while parked. Irony….

So, this past week the pregnancy hormones have sky-rocketed. Yesterday I was crying my eyes out, and today I’m struggling to keep my blood pressure down (there are some things that just get under my skin). Each time I have sat down to write something, I realized I was complaining and had a very bad attitude towards being pregnant, so I never posted what I wrote. So, I’m taking advantage of this moment of feeling normal and writing a balanced post. (After all, you don’t want to read my rantings and sobbing that will change on a dime, do ya?)

Last weekend I felt like I was bearing the Hulk. Baby Ross was pushing and doing everything to make more space (still can’t feel the little movements, but I know that will come), making for a very sore and tired momma. I almost didn’t go to church I felt so awful. A friend said I looked like I was going to throw up — thankfully, I wasn’t feeling nauseous. Another friend and I were talking and we have nicknamed the little human the Hulk, but if it turns out to be a girl, she will be dubbed LadyHulk (make sure you get that “L” in there, otherwise it will sound like LadyHawk).

I have noticed an increase in energy, but nothing yet like what the books and websites say. I’m told that my energy will spring back in spades! Ha! It’s coming, but slowly right now.

I have also noticed a huge increase in being hungry. Oh yes. I eat, and ten minutes later I’m hungry. My appetite is still taking its sweet ole time (well, if it were sweet I’d eat it). I guess that’s a good thing. I’m keeping in mind that thought I am very hungry, and I feel like I could eat all day (if I had the right food), eating for two isn’t what people think it is. It’s more like eating for one and (let’s see, how big is baby now?) 4 inches, 2ish ounces. It will be nice just to get back to my regular diet.

A little tip: maternity clothes at Target may be cute and adorable, but the shirts aren’t stretchy like they should be. I like the new shirt I bought, but it’s not as comfy as the more pricey ones at Motherhood Maternity.

Moving on from Baby news, I already touched on math and how much work I have, so I will move on to the next thing. My determination for editing this month dropped after the first day of actual editing. It is taking quite a bit to get moving with it, and mostly it is because the part of the story I’m in is, well, dull. I am not gripped by my characters anymore. I feel like leaving them in their predicament and moving on to the next exciting story. Needless to say, knowing that it bores me means it will bore readers and that it means I need a lot more editing. With homework, I’m not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to it.

Plus, my brain isn’t thinking about this story anymore. I want to move onto my older story (the same one I keep talking about in Keepers of the Golden Key, focusing on Konstantine). There is so much I want to change direction for, and I’m in a good spot to do that. I just need to make that my focus. If I do that, then good-bye future NaNoWriMo novels! Honestly, where my older story lies, I could get away with writing almost everything anew, so that can add to my word count. Actually, that is a great idea. I will hold onto that….

So, I suppose I need to get back to homework. I don’t feel like it, but who does?

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