The Great Preparation

It took me until week 15 to look at my growing belly and agree with my husband, parents, and friends, that yes, I have a baby bump. One morning I woke up, looked at myself in mirror, and realized that the pudge wasn’t pudgy anymore, but Baby Ross letting me know that he/she is in there and growing.

And now, the excitement — the actual excitement that keeps me blabbing Adam’s ears off — has started.

Due to a baby shower in July, back in my hometown in WI, Adam and I started a registry on Monday. I was excited and felt like I owned the store. When I got to certain aisles, however, I froze. I stared at the options and realized I had no idea where to even start. So we scanned the gift sets. Later, my good friend went over the registry and we decided that she and I were going to make it better. After going through the store again, and getting some questions answered (along with adding a bunch of things I needed), I feel more relaxed.

Another thing that my mind is preoccupied with is decorating. I can’t wait to get the colors picked out for the kid’s room and start adding accents and accessories.

But, there is college. Oh, how I am impatient to get this math class over with! My struggle right now is focusing on homework and sitting in the classroom for three hours straight. I can’t wait to get started on baby prep, and to start adjusting to being a mommy. That is the biggest thing right now. Instinctively, I want to start nesting and prepare for the baby in as many ways as I can. But, as hard as it is, right now the most important thing is getting this class done. I have four more class periods, and three more weeks. Not too bad, really. I just get so excited and impatient, and impulsive. Sadly, there isn’t anything I can do impulsively during pregnancy!

Tomorrow I reach week 16. In about four weeks we should be able to find out what gender our baby is. By then, I will have nothing but baby to think about!

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