Those Secret Dreams

Everyone has a dream. During our childhood we develop many dreams of what we want to become, and we’re so certain that we’re going to achieve that dream.

Some of my childhood dreams consisted of being a nurse (preferably to take care of the babies), a dancer, a waitress (yes, such a high goal!), or some kind of undercover G.I Joe gal. As I grew older, my dreams changed. I began to see just how realistic my dreams were to my likes and dislikes. For a few years, I dreamed of becoming a missionary pilot. Betty Greene was my hero and I wanted to be just like her. I also knew that deep down I wanted to become a wife and mother, but the practical — or was it the romantic? — side of my brain thought that I should cover all of my possibilities and come up with a meaningful career.

After all, isn’t that what we all want? We desire to live a meaningful life, one that has an impact on someone else’s life, or even just our own. We want to make a different in the world, hoping that by something that we do we will change the world.

I began writing around thirteen. I vividly remember how I searched to find the right story to tell. When I finally settled on a single scene to start from, the words flowed easily out. It took me until a year before graduating high school to realize how serious I was about my writing. When I graduated, I took an online writing course and was set up with a fantastic tutor. Those next two years changed me, especially my outlook on my own life.

My dream was to become a writer. Not a nurse, not a G.I. Joe. My passion is rooted in writing. I found my voice in the power of the pen, and in the power of the keyboard. I felt — and feel — like someone important in my writing.

And then I began dating Adam, and got married. Over a year later, we have a baby on the way. Another dream has and is coming true, and I am amazed at how God has blessed me with my life.

However, what about some of those secret dreams we all harbor? Some may call them goals, others call it their bucket list. As we settled into adulthood and begin the big picture that God has in store for us, what happens to those little dreams that we hold onto in our hearts? I have a few, and one day I hope to fulfill them.

Someone said that life is a picture. I feel that God is slowly revealing to us the picture He has painted of our individual lives. We think that it’s the complete picture, but in reality it’s just a glimpse of everything He has in store for us. As a writer, I feel like I can understand it. What author wants to reveal the entire story in the beginning?

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