18 Weeks

In some ways life seems to be leveling out, yet in others it seems to continue being a roller coaster. Now that I’ve reached my fifth month of pregnancy, I can see how things are changing again.

My appetite is back and I’m starting to eat more in one sitting than I had before I was pregnant (3 slices of french toast instead of 1 1/2, two glasses of milk, and then two helpings of lasagna and two slices of Texas Toast compared to my usual 1 of each). Checking my weight gain it doesn’t look like I’ve gained much yet. The book told me I should have gained 10-13 pounds, but after losing 10, I may have gained at least half of that back.

Weight gain or not, the baby bump is getting bigger. There is no mistaking it now, I have a baby growing inside. (Yes, I’m realizing this even after listening to the heartbeat once to a few times a week, and the first feelings of flutters that isn’t gas.)

The energy might be returning, but that seems to be taking a bit. With class and studying at home, the hours on my bum add up. I’m trying to keep active, and my best days are those when I’m gone for a few hours shopping or running errands. Just need to get myself off my bum and on my feet more, and I’m sure the energy will join me. Thankfully, next week is my last week of class, so my excuse of studying will soon be useless!

I think I may finally have found my craving. Right now, dairy products are a must, especially a big glass of milk. I almost had milk completely out of my diet except for cereal and recipes, but lately a good glass of milk with my meal or snack has been heaven.

About Baby specifically, he/she is about 5 1/2 inches long (crown to rump) and weighs in at about 5-6 ounces. Hearing is working, fingerprints have formed, yawning is going on, etc.. It is simply amazing that a 5 1/2 inch long human is squished inside lil me. I keep looking at my growing belly and wonder if the baby can even fit!

Since halfway through week 16, I’ve felt tiny flutters here and there from baby. I have caught a few thumps, but it’s still so rare that it’s difficult to distinguish. Soon, though, there will be no doubt, and then there will be no comfort in the future. Still, I’m looking forward to when I can feel them every day, and then when Adam can feel the tiny kicks.

It’s been quite a few weeks since I’ve thought about baby names. I probably won’t start again until we find out the gender in two weeks. Finding the perfect name is hard, and can be stressful if I’m not careful. It will just be easier to focus on boys or girls for the rest of the pregnancy. But, just watch, I’ll be one of those cases where they say it’s one gender and then out comes a baby of a different gender!

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