Whatever happened?

Tonight’s post is a bit of a rant. This has been on my mind for quite some time now and I just need to make my voice heard. There comes a time when it becomes too much and my opinion, though not often heard, should be known.

Whatever happened to being gracious?

In this world, there are so many things that cloud our minds and hearts. We take so much for granted and we expect so much more. We deserve things. We see something we don’t like and we take it, but when we can’t, we get “righteously indignant” and either demand the thing we want or complain and whine about it. But the problem I am addressing tonight is how we treat those around us, or those that we even briefly encounter.

Why is it that we complain about other people? We are in our groove, doing our own thing, but when it gets interrupted by the smallest of interruptions, or even the largest of interruptions, we react as if they gave our children the plague (even if we don’t have children).

Other drivers are stupid! Guess what, you’re not perfect either. I can’t believe that person is wearing that! Hey, can’t you just stop seeing what’s not your style and think the benefit of the doubt about them? People don’t know how to communicate! Maybe you haven’t found how they in particular communicate. That person had a bad attitude! Well, looks like you’ve got one now, too. It’s not my fault, they are the problem! Doesn’t give you a right to be mean back at them.

We have no right to point out problems with others when we have problems of our own. We have no right to be mean and hurtful, yet that is what we all know how to do so well. It’s a sad life when all we have to say is a complaint about another person.

So what happened to the world we live in? Why are we so mean? I’ve observed that it’s easier for us to be mean and hurtful than it is to be gracious and loving. There’s no harm in being gracious. There’s no harm to give love. Being mean, hurtful, bitter, and self-righteous eats away at your soul and turns you into an ugly monster that no one likes to be around anymore, except those who have turned into a monster themselves.

The fairy tales had a good point, no matter how cheesy they can be. True love can break any curse. When we think outside of ourselves, and outside of the world we try to have revolve around ourselves, we have the opportunity to use our love to break the darkness that grips us all.

To be heartless is cowardly. To complain about everything under the sun is ungrateful and mean.

To love is to be brave.

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