Baby Ross Update — 30 Weeks

I realized that I have not given an update on our little one in a while. Frankly, there aren’t too many things that are new. However, I will give a loving update on Michael’s progress thus far.

He’s getting bigger! The books say he’s averaging just over 3 lbs and is about 17 inches from head to toe. I absolutely believe that he’s about 17 inches tall! I have about 10 more weeks to go, so for him to average 7-8 lbs he needs to gain about half a pound a week, according to my calculations. Give or take.

Today was my OBGYN appointment, and I was told that I passed my glucose test, I’m not anemic, Michael has a strong heartbeat, my vitals are nigh perfect, and my weight gain is still relatively average. The gain is tricky because I was a tad on the heavier side before pregnancy, and then I lost 10-15 lbs during the first trimester. According to their records I’ve gained 15 lbs since being pregnant, but in my opinion, after losing the pounds, I’ve gained more. Oh well. If they haven’t shown concern yet over my weight gain then I won’t be concerned.

My biggest challenges right now are fatigue and getting used to the ever-growing belly. Lately I’ve been able to balance out what I do more so that I am not tiring out as quickly. As for the belly growing? Well, that will continue to grow until the little one is out (I hope!).

I have no worries with the little guy. He’s stretching, bouncing, kicking, punching, flipping, tugging — doing all the wonderful things little babies do while in utero. He especially doesn’t like getting cramped or squished. I will barely invade his space and he’ll go crazy.

Overall, we’re doing great!

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