The official countdown to NaNoWriMo is 2 days and 12 hours. The excitement is rising, as well as the realization that the story I’ve decided to write doesn’t sound so great anymore, and that I have almost no outline. Last year I was ready — I had a full outline laying out the major parts of the story I didn’t want to miss and I had some characters ready. This year? Oh boy.

Life has been busy. This past week there was a huge drive to get our church’s rummage sale going for the missions trip coming up. With half of the group on hand to help, there was a lot to be done between the few of us. Also, with Michael’s arrival only 5 weeks and 3 days away (OK, give or take a week or more), I had some things to finish up so that Adam and I could finish his room. I also have little things to take care of in regards to his arrival, which I probably should list in case I start forgetting. On top of that, I’m trying to at least stay on track with my math, and hopefully get ahead so that Michael’s birth won’t affect my final exam. (My instructor is willing to work with me, letting me take the exam early, or if need be, wait until January.)

With everything going on, including the normal day-to-day life, it’s hard finding time to sit down and plot out my novel for this year. I have a title (something I never figure out until the day before I get my free proof in June) and I have a vague idea of the flavor of the story. I have characters lined up for use, but no first name for my lead, only a last name. I have an idea of how to start the story, but at this point it sounds so boring I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

My key is to have an outline. I need to have a strong idea of where I want my story to go in order for me to keep getting those words out. It needs to be compelling. I need to have characters I care about — even if it’s only a little bit. I am worried that this year I will struggle. Especially with everything else going on. Last year, even though I was in full-time college, I was able to plug out those word counts like there was no tomorrow. In fact, I had days where I could get 5,000 to 7,000 words out in one sitting (the daily goal is 1,667 words).

So far, every time I open up Scrivener to begin plotting, I start creating more characters. Characters are not a struggle, so why am I focusing so much on them? I have a very simple plot, after utilizing the rule my tutor once told me — keep it 25 words or less. Do you know how difficult that is? Try it, and you will find out.

My husband had the good idea to outline 30 chapters (for the 30 days, right?). That way, I have a good idea of what needs to be written every single day. Who cares about the format and length, anyway, at this point? It’s a great idea, but I have 2 days and 12 hours left to get an outline.

“So stop blogging and start outlining!”

Yes, yes. I will. After I get a few other things done.

By the way, check out some new widgets I have added to my page! It’s all in the spirit of National Novel Writing Month! I’m most excited about the word count that will automatically update. This way you all can keep track of my progress!

2 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Love the new widgets! It’ll be fun to check in once and awhile to see your progress. 🙂
    I am not an expert in writing, nor do I play one on tv, but do you think a whole change on story idea would help? Is it the story idea that is blocking the flow?

    I hope your mind gets it organized and your start out of the blocks is confident and quick!

    • Thank you! I usually do not like too much “noise” on blogs and pages, but these new widgets looked calm enough and have purpose.

      As for my story, I have new inspiration! Now, all I need to do is think it through and figure out what direction I would like to take it. Yay for inspiration!

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