NaNoWriMo Day 2

(Warning: due to the extreme conditions of NaNoWriMo, all posts from November 1st to November 30th have the high probability of being unorganized and full of grammar mistakes. Please be patient and bear with me as I work through the addicting challenge of 50,000 words in one month.)

The start of NaNoWriMo was honestly a rough one. I have homework to catch up on this week, and yesterday, while I was trying to get through the first section, my mind constantly went back to how unprepared I was/am for this year’s NaNo. I had too many options and had the fright that the challenges were too much for me. I didn’t get to my story until I was sitting at Aroma’s with a huge group of fellow writers. I stared at my blank page, trying to decide which direction to go. Finally, I had to take that leap. And leap I did.

In less than an hour and a half, I had passed the first goal of 1,667 words with 1,841 words. I had a great start, and I had my two main characters introduced to the reader and to each other.

It wasn’t until tonight that I revealed their problem.

My lead, Caren Garner, is a private investigator. Now, I don’t know much about private investigators except from what I’ve learned from watching Magnum P.I.. I know, lame, isn’t it? But it will get me through the story. Caren is on the verge of finding a second job to pay for her rent when an old lady comes to her for help. Enter Miss Mildred Hanson. Miss Mildred has a very distressing problem and she is desperate for help. Caren is willing, but that willingness is tested when she discovers that Mildred had come to hire her to find out what happened to her hen, Lady. Mildred is convinced Lady was kidnapped. Chapter one ends with Caren agreeing to at least go to her farm and see if there is any evidence before taking on Mildred’s case.

So, what could happen next? Chapter two has so much potential. So many things could happen.

With 3,539 words under my belt, it is time to save the start of chapter two until tomorrow, when once again I will be at Aroma’s with writers and latte’s and nachos. I hope to get a good chunk of words out so that Sunday will not be too crazy.

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