17 more days!

I realized I haven’t updated on our progress with our baby boy. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be writing right now, or doing homework, but a blog here and there never hurts. Figuratively.

Michael is at 37 weeks and 4 days. Of course, give or take depending on when he’s going to pop. Could happen today, could happen a week after he’s due! That probably drives me crazy the most. I hate not knowing when to expect my wonderful gift (ask my husband, I can’t stand it when he tells me he got me something nice and won’t even tell me when I’ll get it!). I can count down to Mom’s arrival, with a standard deviation of — oh let’s throw a number out there without doing the math — 10 minutes. Her being late or early is less of a probability than Michael. With my little boy, I have absolutely NO IDEA, and that is just driving me nuts!

In the meantime, I do have things to keep me busy. When I start going insane with the waiting I know that I have to do something to quiet those anxious thoughts. Right now, I have math to finish up and a novel to write. It’s harder to settle down to writing right now because that requires my own creativity to get my mind off Michael. With math, I can just and start working out problems.

On another note, how can someone NOT think about it? (Yes, I’m using caps more in this post than italics. That might start to bother me soon….) When you have a human being inside you pushing on your ribs, spine, sides, up, down, left, right — and it HURTS — how can you just put it out of your mind? Not possible. And then, now that I’m 37 weeks, I’m on incredibly high alert to every single change that I notice, wondering, “Is this it?” and then realizing that all it is a bout with dizziness without any other symptom, or kiddo pushing in a weird way that makes my belly feel like a contraction but really it isn’t, or incredible back pain and then finding out it’s kiddo (once again) pushing or laying weird and NOT anything to call L&D about. Pelvic pressure? Yes. Dropped? Nope. It’s really difficult being patient when all these things are going on. I know he’s coming soon, and that just makes it worse.

Enough of that. Kiddo is doing great! He’s healthy like always and the little pause in his heartbeat was diagnosed to be frequent PACs, Prenatal Atrial Contractions. We were told it’s benign and that it will very likely clear up after birth, or even before. He might be fine now! Since catching the pauses on ultrasound, we have not heard the pauses at our appointments since.

Last Friday I had my 37 weeks appointment and measured at 38 weeks, but it could be that Michael was sitting differently. Since this week is Thanksgiving, my weekly checkup is tomorrow, so we will see where I measure then. I don’t know if that really makes a difference this late in the pregnancy, but it’s fun to keep track of that.

And speaking of keeping track, I’m still gaining weight. Oi! People keep saying that I don’t look like I’ve gained anywhere but all up front — that it’s all baby. That’s wonderful, except that the scale is starting to tell me that the extra weight is not just for baby anymore. I’m afraid to do an inspection in the mirror and see where the fat may be. I’m not eating loads of food anymore these past few weeks. My meal portions have slowed back to normal, which is good, so where am I getting the extra calories? Maybe it’s the cake I like to eat? Or the breads and pastas? Haha, I know.

Right now we have everything essential for him. He has a place to sleep, warm clothes, blankets, diapers, and more diapers. He’s going to be a very loved little boy. With his grandparents coming down I fear he’s going to get spoiled right away! But that’s OK. At this point, he will never know!

Well, there’s my update. It’s time to eat (not a lot of food, mind you) and then work in his room a little. And hopefully I will get to writing today. There’s still so much to be done and so much going on, it’s a bit overwhelming. But we’re at the home stretch! And kiddo LOVES to stretch! *ow!*

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