Under Two Weeks — A Little Bit of Everything

Today, I have about 11 more days left until Michael (hopefully) arrives. My impatience as well as nerves fluctuate on a minute to minute basis, but overall I am still doing pretty good. The hard part is seeing more parents carrying their tiny babies around in public. Where did all these babies come from suddenly?? It’s like when you get a new car and suddenly you see it everywhere. Seeing these babies cooing and crying and sleeping distracts me and makes it so hard to wait. And, as dual feelings, I get a little scared, too. After all, in about 11 days I am going to be responsible for a tiny human.

On the writing front, yesterday I was able to catch up (never thought I could do that in one day) to the goal by writing 8,703 words. It pays to settle your tush down at Aroma’s and be determined to get as far as you can. By catching up, I can take today off and then the rest of the week finish the novel off.

The reason why I am taking today off is because I need to finish studying for my test and exam tomorrow. I plan to get to the testing center in the morning and take the test and exam in one shot. I do not want to go back, especially since I am growing increasingly tired and uncomfortable. This will be good, though, because then I will have that out of my way and Michael can come!

Since it’s after Thanksgiving, my husband and I put up our Christmas Tree. Finally, I am able to listen to Christmas music! I really do not know why I love this season so much — it is magical, romantic, and there is always the constant reminder of Christ’s birth, the most important part of history and our faith. Christmas is pretty diverse, but it is what you choose to celebrate that makes it a wonderful season.

However, there are parts to the Christmas season that simply can drive you crazy. For example, Adam bought an artificial Christmas Tree about two years before we were married, and for our first year together about a quarter of the lights were not working. Since we had the receipt, and it was only a few days before the warranty was up, we went and exchanged it for a new one. It worked, mostly, after we fiddled with the strings a bit to get them to work. Last year, we still had to fiddle with the strings, but were able to use the tree. This year, however, once again, a quarter of the lights were out and we could not figure out how to fix it. And frankly, we didn’t really want to. So, on Black Friday (after all the crazy people were done getting all the insane deals), we went to Target and bought an unlit tree. I thought that there would be a huge visual difference between the two trees — the first one was a 9ft. and the new one is a 7.5ft. tree. But, even being 1.5ft. shorter, it looks great in our living room. So, the tree is good. Thumbs up!

We also bought two rolls of white LED lights to use. When Adam plugged it in to test them out we realized that the slightest movement made the lights flicker pretty badly, giving us headaches. (He can explain better why they flickered and all, I just noted that I was getting a headache.) So, we packed the lights back up, and began using the colored regular lights we had on hand. I used them for our banister our first year together, but we didn’t really want to go to the store and fuss with lights. We thought that we had enough strands of the regular lights, but it turned out that about half the tree was lit when we ran out. So, we took the LED lights back to Target and bought some extra strands, as well as some other goodies since about then we were getting pretty stressed out with this whole Christmas tree lighting project.

The end result: our tree is up and lit. We have over 1000 lights on the tree, and it looks really nice. The next step is ornaments (should be less stressful, right?) but we’re not sure when we are going to get that done. Friday wore us out!!

So that is my little Christmas stress. It is frustrating that every year we struggled with a tree, and we’re hoping that by getting an unlit tree we will not need to go out and buy another one for many, many years. The lights we will have to work with, but it’s a convenience to have a pre-lit tree. Both of us grew up stringing our own trees, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. And eventually Michael will be able to help!

On Thursday my mom will be arriving in town. I have so many plans for when she comes! (One of them being, of course, having a baby.) One of those plans includes cookie baking. I figure that we might as well bake for Christmas while waiting for the kiddo to arrive. Poor Adam thinks I’m going to bake us out of our December budget! I am looking forward to Mom coming. She will be a great help and I know I’m going to really appreciate having her around.

Well, I should get going. I do need to get ready for church, and if I have time I should be working on studying. Until next time!

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