Sleeping Like A Champ

Let’s see if I can squeeze this post in before Michael wakes up from his 4 hour and counting nap. (Don’t worry, he makes sure he gets enough to eat when he wakes!)

Waking up at 6 to feed the little guy didn’t really sink in until he was halfway through his bottle. I realized then that by the time he’s done eating, changed, and back to being swaddled up, my day would begin. He doesn’t like to go back to sleep after his mid morning feeding, probably because the sun is starting to rise. So, by the time he settled down to a peaceful sleep (like I said, going beyond 4 hours now), it was time for me to get up out of my warm bed. I would have loved to have slept in, but that would mean I would sleep till the morning was almost gone, and with the things I wanted to do today that was just not possible.

After getting breakfast down and doing the most basic things done, I realized that I still had time before Michael would typically wake up. I did some research (on Pinterest! haha!), did some mental planning, and began a “to-do” list. And eventually, I began marking things off that list.

It is an amazing feeling to have, after 5 weeks of total chaos, to actually get more than one thing done in a day. We are blessed, so blessed, to have a boy who (so far) sleeps like it’s a sport. He has his fussy times — always in the evening nothing calms him down like being cuddled. (And heaven forbid if we set him down sleeping!) Last week I struggled with him during the day. He did not like being put in his crib for nap time, and he did not like to be set down for too long at all. Getting dinner done was a miracle — only accomplished because Adam was home to take him for me. I now discovered the joy of “wearing” him, and I thought for sure that this morning, after he woke up, I’d have to do that in order to get things done. But no. He sleeps on. Like a champ.

Again, it’s an amazing feeling. I even called Women’s Health once again to remind them that they need to get back to me on my lab results, made an appointment to get my hair trimmed (a scissors hasn’t touched my locks since long before Michael was born, or even close to being born), started on my chapter for college, and even put dinner in the crockpot! And I’m blogging. Blogging is always an exciting thing to do.

Michael slept for longer stretches at night over the weekend, but last night slipped right back into his “workday routine”. I thought for sure I’d be struggling for energy today, especially with my healing taking forever. I thought that a nap would be in my best interest this morning and afternoon. A shower (not the quick shower of choosing NOT to wash your hair) does wonders to wake someone up, and getting a good breakfast in is a good step towards getting my nutrition back in order.

(The champ awakes and is hungry.)

And that is me signing off. Amazing the amount of work I can do while he sleeps, and it’s amazing how, even though the night-time routine hasn’t changed, a mom’s body adjusts to the little sleep.

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