Me Time and Dinner

Ever since Michael was born, things have (obviously) changed. Changes in routine, in my view of daily life, and changes in my relationships. Also, one of the bigger changes is my sudden increase in enjoying cooking and baking.

I know, say what? I never disliked cooking, but I usually found it a rather annoying interruption to my day. I had independence, or at least I desperately wanted it, but that never really worked out for us — my husband and me. He wanted dinner (really not something to hold against him — we all need to eat!) but I wanted to eat whenever I felt like it. I simply wanted to do things in my own time, at my own whim. But being married really can’t allow that. My husband gets up at an insane hour in the morning, which means that my late nights (or early mornings) had to turn into early nights. Oh, how I fought that.

OK, I’m getting distracted from my original point.

Basically, having a kid changed my own internal routine. With Michael waking up when the sun rises (facepalm!) and midnight feedings, I try to will the time to be at least 8 o’clock before I drag my tired body up the stairs with Michael in my arms for bedtime. This means that dinner is earlier than what we were doing before our boy was born, but does that bother me?

Surprisingly not.

I found that cooking is actually therapeutic. I welcome the time I get to spend in the kitchen to cook a delicious meal for my man. On a typical day of shore duty, my hubby is home to take care of Michael while I cook. (Michael likes to be awake for a feeding while I’m cooking.) I don’t only enjoy my time in the kitchen because I am free of Michael duty for awhile, but also because I find satisfaction in doing something that is for my husband and me, and not only for Michael. I find that cooking something new or relatively challenging is fun now. I feel more like a woman in the kitchen.

Oh yes, gender stereotyping going on there! Ha! Moving on….

Preparing dinner is my time to better become the woman I desire to be. It’s not being stuck in the rut of only being labeled a mother. I’m not only a mother, but so much more. Cooking, or baking, is part of that new world I want. I may have kissed the old independence goodbye, but I’ve welcomed the new independence of a more mature woman. Seriously, it’s time to grow up.

So, part of this journey into a “new me” is changing how I cook and plan meals. Adam has an old binder that has some of the recipes he grew up with and a bunch of recipes I have collected. It’s getting a little difficult to keep it organized, especially since organization is something I need to learn, so I’m debating how I want to fix that. Either I attempt the old fashioned way — getting a new binder and putting tabs in to help (oh wait, the old binder has the same thing!) — or I go wireless and get the Paprika app ( that’s on our iPad for my mac and iPhone. Costs a bit of money so if I get it, I’m all in. And that scares me. I’m hoping that I will decide that this is the way I will best be organized, but I’m a little nervous I’ll resort to printing recipes and stuffing them in the old binder, hoping that they don’t fall out.

Yeah, I’ll probably just buy the app.

This will hopefully help me plan meals, as well. I’m terrible at buying a ton of food and then using what I’ve bought. Hopefully this will keep me focused on what I have and what I need to make. I’m thinking that having a new “toy” to play with will aid me in making this work.

OK, blog time is over. Michael is waking up for his last feeding before bedtime!

3 thoughts on “Me Time and Dinner

  1. I like the Paprika app, but I still use cookbooks and my personal recipe box. So you may end up using both app and binder! 🙂
    I hope to get my personal recipes typed into the Paprika app some day. In the meantime it is nice to be surfing the web, find a recipe, and ‘capture’ it into Paprika!
    For me it was worth the cost. 🙂

  2. Well, I bought it! The app for the computer is more expensive, but I have decided that de-cluttering that part of my life may be well worth it. 🙂

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