April Update

Little man is still snoozing in his bassinet. That means I have free time to kill, and what do I do? I write a long past due blog post. I guess that since so much time has passed, all I can do is give an update on everything.

Kiddo first, since he’ll probably take the longest. He’s four months old now, and is as cute as can be! I’m a rather pathetic mom right now — often after he goes to sleep for a nap I get distracted by pictures of him on my phone. *sigh* He’s just a cute lil boy.

He is growing so well. His pediatrician said that his muscles have developed perfectly, that he’s gaining the right amounts of weight, and that, for the most part, there is nothing to be concerned about. Michael does have a little flat spot on the back of his head that has moved his right side forward a little, but he said that more tummy time will remedy that. Now, I only wish Michael understood that! He still hates tummy time, and will only last a few minutes. It’s almost like punishment for the poor fella. Want some stats? He’s 15lbs and 3oz, and 25″ long. His weight and height are around the 50-60 percentile, and his head circumference is in the 60%. He’s got a bit of a big head!

As for skills, he’s holding his head up like a champ and loves to sit and stand. He’s locking his legs when standing and can do that for quite some time now. His legs are still chubby, though! We just started solids, and last night, our third try, turned out to be a great success! He ate more, and when I say “ate” I mean that he actually moved his tongue out of the way and swallowed pretty much the entire spoonfuls I was giving him. Much better than making a huge mess on his bib!

Moving on to a kid-related subject, Adam and I are fixing up his room again. After settling in and being in a great routine we’ve been able to focus again on the work in his room. Our goal is to not let this project reach two years in the making…

My college is going well. I’ve found that quizzes are difficult, but essays and discussion posts are a breeze. I’m taking the summer off so that I can focus more on the big projects I have waiting for me. Class ends in about three weeks. I’m currently planning my Fall semester, which will probably be one class while I get used to having a kid, homework, and actually going to class this time. My hope is to do two classes in the Spring.

My writing is slow going. I’ve actually come to a point in my writing “life” where I am content that it’s slow. After all, I’m a wife and mother, a student, and a friend who loves going out with the Mom Squad. I also realized that my writing will not be good, or complete, unless I actually carefully plan certain things out. I’m not saying I’m planning everything and will stick to it — I’d be murdering my writing if I were — but I’m focusing on the basics and the essentials that I foolishly ignored when I began, when I was drunk with words. Yep, that is the best way I can describe it. For example, instead of trying to keep everything up in my head on where places are, I’m working on a map. (Oh, how silly it is to make this sound like an epiphany!) This map is long in the making, but I’m carefully envisioning each country and what I want it to look like. I’m using a pencil so that I can erase it and change it when I need to, unlike my first idea of using colored pens. Yeah. Also, I’ve been slowly working out my chapters, and the “why” of my plots and subplots, story-lines and twists. “Why” is important. When you can’t answer “why”, and it never matters whether you will answer it in the actual story, your world will not make any sense. When you can write something, and know in the back of your mind “why” it is like this, and move on, you have successfully written a world.

I love writing…

Back to the home-life… My husband and I are starting a low-carb diet. Well, we have started, gradually, and we’re already seeing the wonderful effects. My man has lost an impressive amount of pounds already, and I’m slowly dropping my numbers (and then they rise a few, and then drop, and now hovering since I gave in to some really sugary cookies). I always enjoyed cooking, but more so now. I already blogged about how I love making dinner now for my family, and now that we’re actively working on avoiding certain foods I’m finding it enjoyably challenging to find recipes, learn what certain foods are like shallots, (yes, I didn’t know. I thought they looked like leeks…. yay for google!) and prepare them. I’m doing this for my family. My husband’s health and career depends on his diet, and I don’t want to have to change Michael’s food when he’s picky and thinks all he can have is fish sticks and chocolate milk. Well, I might be lucky if he eats fish…

On a personal note, I love that I have my energy back that I had before being pregnant, and perhaps I have more. I feel like I am able to do more to help with the work in Michael’s room, which means a lot to me because I want the work of our house to be our work. I am at pre-pregnancy weight, but even then I was a tad overweight (pretty much at the borderline). I gotta stop making those cookies.

What has really changed me lately is my walk with God. He has brought me through some tough times, and is still taking care of my tender and hurt heart, but most of all He has brought me back to the place that I have left for quite some time — alone time with Him. I’m taking it slow and easy, mostly because I get too excited and dump too much on me, and then I get burnt out and quit. This time, though, I’m taking it step by step — little by little. He has already shown me things that I have been blind to, things that I have ignored, and things that I struggle with. My life, though it feels like it has been starved, is being filled with His love. And His love is the most important thing for me to learn and accept.

And that, my friends, is my update. I hope to do this more often so that I can focus each post on one thing, but it’s a challenge!

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