As I Sip On My Sugar Filled Cappuccino…

I think it’s time for a Low Carb Diet update. As some of you may know, my hubby and I have taken the low carb challenge in order to accomplish a couple of things: healthier meals, lower weight, healthier bodies, and of course a healthier family. Notice a trend? This journey has not been easy, though. Well, it seems easy for my man, but not for me!

The biggest struggle I’ve faced so far is — well, giving up my carbs. I know, no kidding! I love my food. I believe that every food that is grown (or killed, yes) is good to eat. God made everything for us and even the foods that were forbidden for the Israelites have been made good to eat since Christ. (That means bacon! Happy husband.) I also believe that we have made food into something that it never was meant to be. Some good foods have been turned into unhealthy snacks, or food itself has become an idol.

— I might blog more later about the idol part. I have a book called Made To Crave that I intend on reading. From my understanding it covers how we, especially women, use food for comfort, stress relievers, and so on, and how we are actually made to crave God and His strength. —

The type of diet we are doing is not a strict Atkins or Paleo diet, however it is based on most of their rules. I think my husband would like to go full on Ketosis once we get the hang of this lifestyle, but the jury is still out if I will. We have basically cut all pastas, rice, breads (Ok, mostly breads for me), and sweets (again, I’m not doing so well). I try to choose meals that, per serving, are under 20 grams of carbs, but there are one or two meals that are very healthy and insanely delicious, but just over 20 grams. Oh well.

One of my favorite changes that we’ve made is how much I prepare food. I’ve spoken about it before in a blog post, but I want to mention again just how much fun it is to prepare our meals more so than I did before. I love experimenting with more produce and spices, learning the different terms of cooking or frying, and learning the different things that go well together. Preparing meals is my way of taking care of my family, and it’s also my way of getting some time in to do something I’ve come to enjoy very much without a little guy calling for my attention (unless Adam is home late).

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed from this change is that I am enjoying preparing Michael’s food more than I originally thought. He’s tried bananas and sweet potatoes so far, but I love preparing that for him, knowing that I’m giving him good “homemade” food. Additionally, since I was unable to nurse my baby boy, I feel like this is my way of “making up” for it. I know that this is the best route for him, and I’m so glad that we have the money, time, and space to do so.

So far my husband has lost a good chunk of pounds, and I’ve been slowly shaving some off. Like I said earlier, it’s hard for me to let go of the foods I enjoy so much (like those awfully delicious sugar frosted cookies at the grocery store that I tend to finish off in one day). Seeing the weight slowly go down has been my motivation, as well as the fact that I know this is the healthy and loving thing to do for my family. I don’t want Michael to grow up on unhealthy food and then try to change his diet — it’s hard enough for adults! Better catch him before he gets picky.

Well, back to working on kiddo’s room. We’re making great progress!

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