A Child’s Eyes

Have you ever looked into a child’s eyes and realize what they can tell you? Have you ever stopped what you’re doing and just meet their intense stare?

If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so.

It’s easy to go about life running around, being too busy to actually see the little people who are watching you, observing your reactions and learning how to behave. It’s easy to just do your routine; and if you’re a parent, that means feeding, changing, playing, and napping for half the day and then finally sitting down to breathe for an hour or so before sleep overtakes you.

But next time you see a little one, whether they’re your own or a stranger’s, look into their eyes. Most likely they are looking into yours already and imprinting your life into their sponge-like minds. You’ll see that the little one has a distinct personality, one that has so much potential and so much innocence. You’ll see that they are completely special and unique. What they learn and how they grow up depends completely upon you. You determine whether they try to conform to society, or whether they are independent and confident in themselves. You determine their behavior and what is acceptable to humanity.

When you look into a child’s eyes, you cease to see a child but an adult. It is said that the eyes are windows to the soul, but in some ways the eyes are a way to see into the future, to see the grown man or woman that they could become.

Just look into their eyes and see them for more than a small child or baby. They may still be unable to sustain themselves, or unable to understand the world in which they live, but they are still influenced and they have a remarkable memory. Focus on what you want them to be and be that yourself in front of them.

See them for the special human being that God has brought to life.

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