Invasion of the Flying Pigs

6 days to go!

OK, so I’ve been blabbing all month long about how I was going to outline and plot this story out so I could confidently get wordcount. The day would start and I’d say to myself, “Baby’s asleep, Mommy’s going to write!”. But then stuff happens. Last week Friday I cut my thumb open, leaving me without my second thumb all week long. I spent most of my Friday mourning over how stupid I was to think I could fix my razor — I won’t get into any more details for the faint of heart! (But wait, I just might in my story!) Saturday I got sick — really sick — with some annoying stomach bug. It’s left me worn out and doing almost nothing all week long. I’m finally feeling better today, but not where I want to be by a long shot.

So that explains this past week… what about the weeks before that? I keep saying that I’m planning and plotting — and truly, I am! — but nothing gets further than a few jotted down notes of “this or that?”. I can’t seem to make up my mind on where I want my story to go, and I’m tempted to leave it to the true spirit of NaNoWriMo. Which means that the story could end up with flying pigs with laser guns time-traveling to the past to stop the humans from ever taking over the world. Might throw in some bunnies just for fun.

Plotting a story is hard. When you have an awesome idea for the beginning and middle, but you’re stuck with the end, what can you do? Well, I’m not going to fret. This is NaNoWriMo we’re talking about, and last year I wrote a story about a kidnapped chicken.

Did I mention before that I was going to share more of my story idea? Well, I’m attempting a love story, and I’m going to make one of my MCs lose their memory, which makes them forget their relationship. Kinda cheesy, but I’m going for it.

Till next time!

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