Size Matters – Or Does It?

I never thought this would happen to me. I never believed that I would ever be willing to do it. It came up fast and it was cunning — it was sneaky.


Oh, that word! Every part of me yelled out, “But how come?? Why can’t I just live comfortably?” I fought Adam against the idea. He told me when we first got married that it was something that really intrigued him, and I fought back with tears that I felt I deserved some time off from scrimping and saving and thrifting and living simple. I was stubborn. I wanted my stuff and didn’t want anyone to tell me to live otherwise. Adam slowly and steadily kept telling me about this idea of minimalism, though his priorities are different from the typical minimalist.

What happened? The Navy happened. Getting the news that we had to move cross the country was one thing, but it was completely another when we realized that we would most likely be downsizing. Oh, I did not like it at all at first. But the stark reality was that we had to live in military housing, and with just one child we probably would not qualify for a larger home.

So it got me thinking, and it got me convicted. When I started looking at my house and seeing all the stuff — actually seeing it — I realized that I was indeed looking at this all wrong. Like Adam has told me, the minimalist ideal is not to be a minimalist, but to live in such a way that is not focused on things, or the lack thereof, but on what we value.

Now I find myself researching and planning our downsizing. It’s a bit weird, but then I keep thinking about where my value lies. It’s in family, people, and my personal walk with God. Do any of those things require lots of stuff? Far from it. What makes it special, what makes it meaningful, is the attitude.

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