The Great Move and Other Things

I should be monitoring our movers right now, but honestly, they are doing such a good job so far that I have found time to relax and get my mind on “other things”.

But first, a little update on the move. Like I said, they are doing a good job — friendly — and are making good time. The packers who came yesterday were rather terse: they only chatted and laughed and made jokes when they spoke first, but if we spoke to them first they got all sour-faced and sometimes wouldn’t even respond. Oh well, so far our stuff has been well packed.

Our movers are a lot friendlier. They are talking with us and communicating very well, and they’ve talked up the driver of the big semi-truck. We are told that are stuff is being driven to Cali right away, and that we could have our things within days of arriving in San Diego. Good news for us! I am looking forward to unpacking — I can get some more purging done and may even have enough for a small yard sale.

Now for “other things”.

Michael seems to be doing okay, but having a rough day today. He didn’t care that the house was packed up, but he is caring that he’s at the sitter’s again. Poor baby. I am expecting that he will be out of sorts for a while. So much is changing for him, and he doesn’t understand what’s going on. But once we are done here today he will be with us, hanging out, and hopefully will feel secure again.

My anxiety seems to be doing okay today. My doctor is increasing my dose of Lexapro, so hopefully I will continue to improve. With everything going on, though, I’m not surprised that I’m still off.

Enough about that. So Adam and I were talking about our neighbors today, and there is this one neighbor who intrigues me. He intrigues me so much that I swear I’m going to write him in a short story. I feel like I’ve witnessed, without talking with him, a whole cycle of life. Maybe soon I will be able to sit down and flesh something out.

Well, that’s probably all I’m going to chat about today. I was live tweeting yesterday about the move, but today I’m not feeling it. Maybe it will be Facebook’s turn.

Until next time…

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