Five Weeks In

It’s officially been five weeks since we arrived in the San Diego airport. It almost feels like it’s been longer. It didn’t take long to unpack most of our boxes, so making this feel like home is going quicker than is usual.

We decided prior to move-in date that we would empty as many boxes as possible on that first day, since the moving truck was going to take whatever empty boxes we had. We didn’t care where things were put, just as long as the pile outside our house grew with empty boxes. The only downside to this method is that it’s severely unorganized. These last four weeks have been focused on getting things in their right places, and deciding whether a thing even needs to be here.

I prefer this type of move. When I married Adam and moved from WI to VA, I had boxes still packed in our spare bedroom for over a year. I never took the time to open up boxes and see what I had. This method, however, shows all our junk at once, so there’s an incentive to getting rid of it.

Other than moving in, we’ve slowly been learning the area where we live. San Diego is a huge city — Hampton was small compared to here, in my opinion.

There are two chapels with the Navy base, one on base itself and the other in housing to the north. Since the northern chapel has more young families, we decided to go there while we figure out what we’re going to do. We’ve some good folks, and joined the women’s Bible study and the family Bible study. There is good community at the Murphy Canyon Chapel, similar to that of Harbor Pointe, and there seems to be a good outreach. Adam hsa even discovered that his skills at the soundboard might be welcomed.

I’ve joined MOPS (Moms Of Preschoolers) here and was assigned the table with the most military moms. It’s always a good feeling to know that you’re among women who personally know what it’s like to be in the military. The thing I look forward to the most, though, is the two hours of childfree time I get twice a month.

Every week we head out to explore. We’ve been to the San Diego zoo (twice!), a state park, beach, some of the many outdoor shopping malls, and of course, the military base. It’s a handy thing to know where the Navy Exchange and commissary is.

One of Michael’s favorite places to go is the playground, just behind our house. He gets giggly when he sees the playground and tries to run to it. I get my workout lifting him up the big slide over and over and over again. He will use the slide for as long as I have the energy, and then it’d be time for the swing. And gosh, doesn’t he look too adorable sitting like that?photo (8)

And that is our new life in a nutshell. And, by the way, the weather here is gorgeous! Except now it’s getting too hot. Beach, anyone?


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