Las Vegas — Once Was Enough

After giving our vacation much thought, I’ve decided that it would work best to put out my opinion this way other than on a Facebook status.

I’m not quite sure what the attraction is for Vegas, other than the casinos, drinking, and sex. Maybe I missed something, but it wasn’t what I expected. I knew that it was “Sin City” and that people go there for shows (some family friendly but not all), the gambling, and the wild nights on the Strip. What I didn’t expect was to be faced with the sin at every corner, every sidewalk, every few feet. Everywhere I looked someone was handing out advertisements to gentlemen clubs or raunchy shows. And when there was a break from them there were discarded advertisements strewn on the sidewalks.

“Ok,” I thought, “I knew it was going to be full of this kind of stuff. But there’s got to be some cool things to enjoy.”

The Bellagio fountains were fun to see. Even though Michael got scared of the tall spouts of water skyrocketing into the air, he still pointed and “baby” talked about what he saw. The Venetian was absolutely beautiful, and Caesar’s Palace had a royal feel to it.

The Stratosphere was worth the money (discount for military – yay!), and I’m glad that there were no windows on the elevators going up the 100+ floors. Sorry, but I’m just a tad afraid of heights. Seeing the sparkling city at night was neat, but I’m glad that was the only thing in Vegas that we did at night, other than head back to the Air Force base temporary lodging for some well needed rest.

photo (8)

Why did I go to Vegas? Well, it wasn’t because I wanted to go gambling or drink alcohol on the streets (haha). It wasn’t because I wanted to see some “adult” shows or have some fun. I was merely curious about the city. I wanted to know what the hype was about; why were almost everyone I know excited about going to Vegas? (If you are reading this and love Vegas, please let me know what you loved about the city. I honestly feel like I’ve missed something).

I left Las Vegas feeling sad. Such a brilliant city with its gold-plated Trump building, its beautiful fountains, its marvelous hotels — all for money. Along these same streets stood many homeless people dressing up in some fun, some odd, and some very disturbing outfits, hoping for tips from those taking pictures. I saw the depravity of humankind and it rested heavily on my soul. It made me sad to see where people willingly throw away their money and morality. I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of what man had built because of the darkness that was painted all over.

So where do we stand? What do we spend our time and money on? How can we continually live to glorify God? Vegas isn’t the only “bad” city out there. Every city, every town, every place. What can we do to make a difference?

I do not regret going to Vegas, but I do not wish to go there again. Once was enough.

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