Thank You, Internet

Hmmm… my child has one or two strange symptoms I’ve never dealt with before. I wonder how normal this is? Does it merit a Google search? I’ll be good, I’ll just check one or two things, it shouldn’t be too bad.

“If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical care immediately.” He may be dying.

He seems too skinny. Won’t he ever fatten up again? But he just won’t eat. I hope no one thinks we’re starving him. I wonder how many other kids are perfectly healthy and really skinny at the same time?

“If your child doesn’t get enough nutrients, he/she could develop X, Y, or Z illness, and it may be life-threatening.” Oh great, he’s dying again.

He swallowed some water while swimming today. I’ve heard about Dry Drowning, but how will I know? I could Google it…

“Seek medical care immediately!” Oh man, if I let him sleep he could never wake up again!

I wonder why I’m feeling this way? Could I be getting depressed again? I seriously don’t want to deal with this again. OK, it’s just one stinkin’ day, but maybe I should look at the warning signs again…

“If you are having any of these signs, seek help immediately.” Oh, my turn to die.

These last few weeks I’ve not been feeling my normal self. Wonder if I should get it checked out? Is it worth a trip to the doctor, or should I just check online and see if it’s serious. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

“You’re dying. Seek immediate medical care.”

Thanks Internet, you’ve been a great help. Now, where’s my phone? I need to text my husband that I’m freaking out and that we’re all going to die unless we go to the hospital right away. Thank you, Internet. Oh, and thank you to the “Mom Forums”. They just take it to the next level of freak out for me.

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