NaNoWriMo 2015 and (apparently) Happy 5th Anniversary for Blogging!

It’s been a long time, once again, since I’ve sat down and actually had something to say via this blog. And what other reason to write a new post than to get ready for NaNoWriMo 2015?

But before I dive into that, WordPress was kind enough to let me know that today marks the fifth anniversary of creating this blog. Wow! I haven’t written nearly enough to make five years sound amazing! I remember, though, when I was deciding to start. I thought that a blog would be a risky thing to do. And though I have really slowed down in new posts I feel that I have learned more about myself than I would have without it. (Is this a cliffhanger? If so, maybe I’ll expound on it with a later post.)

Okay, NaNoWriMo.

Ah yes, the yearly debates and exclamations of “Do I have time to do this?”, “Oh my gosh, I’m crazy for doing this!”, “What on earth am I going to write?”, “There is nothing new in this world anymore!”, and especially, “I’m so stinkin’ excited!!”

Yes, there’s a second baby who, unlike three years ago, is constantly reminding me that he is not like his big brother and that he may make a NaNoWriMo appearance to dash all plans to win this year. Oh, Baby Aaron, I would love a November baby, but you need to cook at least for 5-6 more weeks.

Do I have a plan to make this NaNoWriMo run more smoothly? Yes, I do! Am I actually working on that plan? Heh, heh, slowly but surely. My best NaNo year was back in 2011 (yes, when I wasn’t pregnant and could down multiple glasses of Pepsi and Chai Tea Lattes), the year I outlined every single chapter. I deviated from the outline, but it was an excellent way to keep track of where I was going, how I wanted it to change, and how to get back to something when the “new” was a flop. This year I plan to do the same. I’ll make it easy on myself: 30 days, 30 sections. If I can write 1700 words for each section, which basically is a chapter, I’ll be good. Or, at least I’ll be aware of where I’m at and where I’m going.

I glanced back at my stats over the years and realized that during the outline year (and caffeinated year) I was always ahead, never needing to catch up. I finished 4 or 5 days early (with a whopping almost 8,000 words written in one afternoon). So, if baby Aaron decides to come early, that possibility may give me the necessary motivation to stay ahead. Now I need to have a chat with my almost 3-year-old about this plan….

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