Life Gets Busy

I’ve been meaning to blog about Aaron’s amazing birth (although I didn’t feel like it was amazing at the time!), but life has been busy.  

These two boys have taken up a lot of my time. The eldest is still adjusting; he loves his baby brother but finds it difficult to control his jealousy when I’m attempting to nurse. The younger is a snuggle bug, which I love, but with a preschooler running around it is challenging without hands (so baby wearing will begin as soon as I can get my hands on a wrap or sling). When both are sleeping I’m either sleeping or spending what little time with my hubby we have left. Right now I’m typing this on my phone while the bedtime routine is happening upstairs. 

I really want to blog more since I may not get to writing much this year, but there are other things piling up that I need to attend to once I can wear the baby (sounds so weird like that). I refused to make any New Year’s Resolutions this time around, but I can at least make New Year’s wishes. 

This year I wish for sanity. Not the sanity of “Oh my goodness, I can’t take it anymore, I’m going insane!!” but the sanity of “I can do this with Christ as my center and peace.” 

I wish for hope. Yes, I have a mild case of postpartum depression, and am on a very low dose of medication. My desire is to not increase it, to be able to come off before a year passes, and to believe every day that I am a conqueror of this mental disease. 

And lastly, I wish for love. Love from my family to those around us. I hope to teach our boys to see beyond a person’s circumstances, beyond their race, religion, and lifestyle. Didn’t Jesus do that? He showed love to all.

Do you have any New Year’s wishes?

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