Nursing is Hard

I might be blogging on my phone for a while here until there is some kind of routine to our new lifestyle. So please be kind if there are mistakes or really bad mommy brain moments, because it’s difficult to type with your thumbs. And annoying. But I have much to say and I want to say it all! Or at least some….

Like nursing. 

Ladies who have successfully nursed your babies and got a good latch going, way to go! Those who keep fighting through the pain and misery of bad latching and a stubborn baby (like constantly pushing you away), you are da bomb! And those who have stopped nursing for your sanity and the wellbeing of your family, you are amazing. In other words, whatever you decide to do, however you decide to feed and nourish your little one, you are the best. Because you’re feeding them and nourishing them. As simple as that. 

Where am I in this? Well, with Michael I stopped for my sanity. With Aaron, I am battling bad latching and his stubbornness. It stinks. But I’m still trying because this time around, for my sanity, for my emotional health (at this time) I need to nurse. But I’m also supplementing, so that helps a ton. 

Simply put, nursing is hard. Can we talk more about the hardships of mommyhood instead of trying to paint a pretty picture? Can lactation consultants tell the truth that a baby may not latch appropriately right away, or even for weeks (maybe months) because we all must learn how to do this? 

And let’s stop with the stigma of formula feeding. Sadly, even though I have accepted that I chose to bottle feed Michael, I have the intense desire to hide when I’m out in public and need to give Aaron a bottle. I won’t nurse in public yet — no one needs to see me wince and grind my teeth as we latch on and off trying for that elusive, sacred good latch — so a bottle is needed. 

As someone who had mild to severe postpartum depression, and now has a mild case again, I want to bring attention to the important things in mommyhood. Is baby fed? Is baby clean? Loved? Safe? These are the important things. Not how it’s done, just that it’s done. There are women who struggle with doing these things, but they still manage to. That’s courageous.

There I go again. There are few things I get on my soapbox for, and this is one of them. But for right now, for me at this time when Aaron is almost 3 weeks old, nursing is hard. 

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