Housework is Relaxing?!

Listen up! If you hated housework as a kid, and even now as an adult, I’m here to tell you that there comes a point in life when you will find it relaxing and enjoyable. Yes, you heard me correctly. Housework equaling enjoyment? I’m crazy, right?

In my case, it happened now that I have two kids. Two kids who are adorable and amazing, but who really can make me wonder how I have no grey hairs yet to show what I go through daily.

Number One is 3 years old. Need I say more? If you’ve had a 3 yr old, or have one now, then you know what I’m talking about. (I only know this because my dear friends have assured me I am not alone in this thing called Parenting a Three Year Old.) A 3 yr old is special. They are loving, adorable, funny, and amazing. They help open your eyes to the wonders of the world because they are discovering it in their own special way. *ahem* They also show you just how poorly you proof your house for them. Daily. Multiple times a day. This morning my dear Number One dumped almost a whole bottle (big bottle) of Aveeno Lavender soap on a fabric chair and all over the kitchen floor.

Mini Me is… well, like me. Clingy, passionate, and likes to talk a lot when he’s tired. (I’m sorry, husband, I now understand what you feel like when I’m blabbing away and you’re trying to sleep.) I want to emphasize the clingy part. Mini Me doesn’t just like to be held, he finds it a deep need that ought to be fulfilled at all times. How dare I put him down for a minute so I can throw a Sammich at Number One for lunch. (Which, why do I even make my 3 yr old lunch anymore? With his newfound ability to climb dangerous spinning, rolling chairs to reach into pantries and cupboards, he should be perfectly fine.)

So, when I say that housework is relaxing, it comes from the relief that both kids are in bed and will likely not cause any more shenanigans today. I hated housework because it’s so dull. But now, with a life full of excitement (poopy blowouts that are not only from the infant Mini Me) and damage control, it’s such a nice break to focus on something so simple. So easy.

Ah, but now I must wrap this up because Mini Me senses that I am not in our room, so it’s time to stir awake. But, I at least cleaned up the kitchen enough so that Number One will have a wonderful fresh start tomorrow for whatever new his growing little mind wants to explore.

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