NaNoWriMo 2013

The Echo

Set about 100 years in the future, I address (though not at all scientifically) the issue of Global Warming. Well, very lightly address. This story was difficult to write because I tried a more love-story approach, which proved harder to stay in that mindset than I thought.

The great war ended 90 years ago. Echo, a mind-controlled artifact, had been hijacked by the enemy, causing worldwide desolation. Those who survived the onslaught were able to put a few thousand loyalists into hibernation until the world would be safe enough to live on again. These survivors became the Watchers. The Watchers have not been a major concern for the enemy since their atmosphere could not recover unless they gained control of the Echo. With few numbers they were not a threat. As the years passed, the Watchers discovered that they couldn’t keep the bodies in hibernation indefinitely. A search began to find a new mind to control the Echo and restore the world before losing more people.

I might, one day, find the time and bravery to edit this story, but frankly there are just too many inconsistencies. It had a good concept, though!

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