Welcome to the New and Improved Blog!

First of all, I am so, so sorry for the onslaught of emails and updates from my Facebook page this morning, if they’ve showed up for you. There was no way to “shut down” my blog momentarily (that I could find) while I worked, so I had a lot of drafts waiting to be published.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I chose to change the title of the blog. You can read all about that, and more, here.

I have also added some new pages to the mix, and I really hope you enjoy them. More importantly, I discovered the real use of a category and a page. I was frustrated and asked my husband how I needed a whole new blog or website, and when I told him what I wanted to do, he informed me that it was already built in. As categories. There’s still a lot more I could do, but this is a great start to what I had envisioned.

Finally, look around the blog, tell me what you like! I hope everything is in working order!

Edit: I have discovered that in the photography section the images do not show up until you click into the post itself. I hope to fix that, but as of now I can’t figure it out. The podcasts page is similar — clicking into the post itself will show the embedded video.

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