Cleaning Pennies — A Science Experiment

“Experiment” is a huge word. It sounds as though we actually took notes, observed the properties, and spent more than five minutes doing it. But we’re talking about a 4 yr old here…dsc_0338

My parents sent a science experiment book to the boys for one of their Christmas gifts, and today I finally paged through it. Since I gave myself very little time to prepare, I picked a simple one to start off with.

When I chose this experiment I really thought that I had enough dirty pennies. Turns out I carry very few coins to begin with.

One of the key things I need to remember is to let go of my desire for perfection. With every project that Michael and I do together, I always take a deep breath and take a step back. I like to control what he’s doing, but by doing that he truly isn’t learning.

Hands off, mama.

Overall, Michael is a good sport. He puts up with me pretty well as I try to figure this out. Preschooling at home is very difficult for me. I’m a textbook kind of gal, and you just shouldn’t do textbooks with 4 yr olds. Hands on learning, allowing them to do what they think would work — it’s all a challenge for me. I can’t wait till I can sit down with him and actually work through some things (other than math!). My favorite thing to do with him is his worksheets. He loves doing “school”, but we can only focus for a short amount of time on the worksheets.

If anyone loves arts and crafts with preschoolers, contact me! I really, really can’t stand it.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning Pennies — A Science Experiment

  1. We’re homeschooling through preschool and I’m finding the worksheets pretty challenging too, if for no other reason than the amount of time my littlest can focus on those activities. I’ll agree, it’s tough. I’m going to have to start thinking more on the arts and crafts side of things too this year.

    • Arts and crafts have never been my forte. I hold on to perfection too closely, and with preschoolers, that’s unreasonable. I like some of the workbooks we have, one from Costco. He just doesn’t have as much focus for it as he would with science or craft.

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