Mommy’s (partial) Day Out

Usually, when I have a babysitter lined up, I need to go to appointments or go out on a date with my man. Today, however, I had to get my blood drawn, which was just annoying, and then… well, and then the rest of my time was for whatever I wanted! THAT is difficult for me.

After letting the doctors take my blood, I sat in the car for 15 minutes before finally deciding to go to Panera Bread for lunch. I wasn’t sure where to go after that, but once I started driving I realized that the most logical spot for me is the beach. Coronado is a gorgeous place to go to, and thankfully midday, midweek, is not a very busy time at all.

I’ve learned a few things on my day out, though:

  1. Talking aloud without your kids around isn’t really a good idea.
  2. Laughing aloud about number one is even more weird.
  3. The fun in simple things aren’t as potent without sharing it with your kids.
  4. I need to do this more often because I have no clue how to hang out with myself.

It’s very difficult for me to set aside the mental to-do list and put myself as a priority. I forgot my bag of clothes that I needed to return to Target, so getting an errand done was not an option anymore. I tried reading while eating my lunch, but with a brain that is used to bouncing back and forth and all over the place, it was hard for me to focus on anything longer than a few minutes. Like my kids do.

I hope that I can continue to do these sort of things. As hard as it is, it’s also very important. And the excited hugs I get when I come home just makes my heart burst.

I mean, the kids are with me all the time, and yet they still get crazy happy when I come home.

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