When the Sick Happens

This week was a busy week for the Ross’. Adam and I had things lined up and we were ready to dive into a productive week. But along came Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Oh yay.

At first I thought it was strep, and now I really wish it was strep! Antibiotics start doing its work in about 24 hours, but with HFM we just have to ride it out. For a week or so. Manage the pain and disinfect.

I’m not sure when to start disinfecting, because if Michael and I have it, I would be very surprised if Adam and Aaron don’t get sick.

I guess I never really thought just how HFM is exactly what it says: our hands, feet, and mouths are very sore with blisters. Everything else is fine. It’s a textbook case!

I think my number one hope with this sickness, other than that Aaron won’t get it (sorry to Adam, but Aaron will cry more than Daddy will over a hurting mouth), is that I can lose weight. The last few weeks I put on some extra pounds (stress eating while weaning off my medication), and I would love a jump-start to losing them!


Ah yes, the stereotypical Cheerios, milk, and TV

Another thing about having an illness in the house, is that the boys end up watching more TV. Which is actually a bad thing, in this household. You see, Michael has a tendency to exhibit a bad attitude after watching pretty much anything. It could be the calmest, nicest thing, (like Mister Roger’s Neighborhood or VeggieTales) but he falls to pieces when it’s over. This all started last year while Adam was on deployment, and since then I’ve limited his screen time to none at all, on most days. I use it as a last resort, when I just need a breather.

He also has a strong imagination, like his mom. I have to be very careful with what he watches now because he gets scared quickly. He’s a sensitive kid, and we respect that.

So, what does one do on a rainy day, when sick is in the house, and movies/TV are mostly off-limits? Toys are being played with pretty well, but to this mommy’s eyes I see more things that need to be disinfected. Michael has asked to do school, but again, that’s more to disinfect!

Maybe it’s time for educational YouTube videos. He loved watching the SpaceX video from this weekend. We were able to watch it live, and Adam dumbed down the explanation of what was happening by using the Duplos. Michael thought it was the coolest thing for a few days — which is a long streak, for him!

Hopefully, we will all feel better soon. Being stuck in the house is extremely difficult for this gal, and I have half a mind to just go driving. Michael specifically requested to drive through puddles, but with all the rain that’s expected here in San Diego, flooding is a concern. Probably would be wise to not get so adventurous.


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