A Message from the Heart

Don’t ever take your family for granted. Don’t toss them aside when things get a little rocky — you have no idea what you’re giving up. 

Military, jobs, lifestyle changes — anything that uproots you and moves you away from your family — has one major drawback. The ones who love you as unconditionally as they come, the ones who would come to help or visit without much thought; you’ll miss them. 

Living 3000+ miles away from those I can count on for anything has taught me how precious they are. How blessed you are with your family, whom you can visit within a day. Or even one overnight. 

Today, I ache for my family. I wish I could count on them to help when things get tough. I wish I could get a reprieve from the ones who love my little family almost as I do. 

Don’t ever take them for granted. And if things aren’t the way you like them, or if things are a little rocky, consider that there are much larger problems to face in this world than the estrangement of a family. 

I will, of course, say that there are some things that can tear families apart and make it nigh impossible to forgive… but I’m not addressing these issues. 

Yes, we “chose” this life. We decided to face the difficulties of being absent from family, birthdays, holidays, and just plain old visits. We gave up our “built-in-babysitters” and our cookouts and game days. But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel the absence strongly. 

Being military, we have to build our “village”, and keep rebuilding every time a special “villager” moves on to the next post. It’s lonely work, and it’s exhausting. 

So please, value your family. Value the people who put up the most with you. And if it’s rocky, try a little love. It goes a long way.

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